Miguel said, "I was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico. I have two brothers. I'm the youngest. My father was in the military, in the Natonal Guard here in Puerto Rico for 25 years. My mom stayed at home and teach us how to live.

"When I was 11 years old, my weight was 156 pounds, and I tried to lose weight with boxing. My brothers were already boxing and I tried to do the same. I started at the Gym Bairoa in Caguas. I lost weight, but I started to feel something for boxing. In the beginning, it was just for game, but then I start to feel like, a love for boxing.

"Jose Miguel Cotto is my brother. Juan Miguel boxed amateur, he never changed to professional. In my house, everyone is called Miguel. My father is Miguel Angel, Juan Miguel is my older brother, Jose Miguel is my brother, and me, Miguel Angel. My little kid is Miguel Angel, too. Jose Juan Cotto is my cousin.

"I had 125 amateur fights with 23 losses. I fought Panchito Bojado, Ricardo Williams. I fought Kelson Pinto, Muhammad Abdulaev.

"I was Puerto Rican national amateur champion from '97 to 2000, all at 132 pounds, but the last year at 140.